Brand Development

Start with Aim

Do you have a new company or product that needs an identity. Our leadership has been involved in launching and relaunching brands and products for almost two decades. Brand development is often a lost art. There is nothing more important than starting with a strong foundation. That foundation starts with a great name, a great logo and a brand personality that is authentic to you and your products or services.

Is Your Handshake Firm?

A great brand requires so much more than a great logo design. Although a great logo design helps, a brand is everything that your customer interacts with. Never thought much about your on hold message or music? It’s a part of your brand. Every touch point with your customers must not be overlooked. Think of your brand as a handshake. Every time you shake someone’s hand it is important that it’s firm, confident and consistent. The same is true about your brand.

Authentic Communications

Before you get too far down the road on putting together communications for your company or product, it is important to work with brand development experts to ensure there aren’t any missed opportunities to strongly communicate your story. With a strong brand your story is consistent and authentic. People understand what you do and how you are different. Don’t know where to start? We’re here to help you develop your brand.