Responsive Website Design

Responsive Design to the Nines

We create websites for Jetsons, not Flintstones. It has become the standard for any website now to be responsive design. What this means is that when the site is used on any size screen the website responds to the environment by delivering the content on the page optimized for the screen size and device it is being viewed on. The way content looks on a desktop is not how it should look on a smartphone, and vice versa. We are known for pushing the limits of the technologies that are available by creating customizations to ensure a user experience that is optimal wherever your site is being viewed.

Contacting You Should Be Easy

Separate mobile-optimized websites are a thing of the past. By using responsive design techniques, you only need one website that works great everywhere that it is viewed. For example, the phone number might be visible and prominently displayed at the top of the website when it is viewed on a desktop. When the same site is viewed on a smartphone, there might be a button with a phone icon on it that can be pushed to immediately make a phone call. The point is that you want your site to work how the user wants it to at any given time. User friendly means more contacts and more business.

Experienced Web Designers

Responsive website design is best left to expert web designers. We’ve developed more than 800 sites now over the last decade. Although there are some out of the box templates that are said to be responsive, if you want a custom, professional experience customizations are always required. Even when our developers start with a responsive theme they always customize it to create the overall look and user experience the client desires for their brand. We’re here to help.