SMS Text Marketing

SMS Marketing is Highly Effective

SMS Marketing has the highest open rate of outbound messages sent to consumers. Let’s face it, people are glued to their mobile devices. Have you ever seen the panic on someone’s face when they have lost their smart phone or when the battery dies? It is becoming more and more common for people to ditch their desktops and laptops and rely solely on their smart phone or tablet for their computing needs. Given that so many people are always on the go, their attention spans are forever on the decline.

97.5% of Texts Are Opened Within 5 Seconds

SMS text marketing is not new. However, it has never been more important for your business to utilize text marketing to reach your audience. If we are expected to meet our customers on their turf, then that turf has become mobile devices of all shapes and sizes. Text marketing has now surpassed email marketing as the go-to for sending digital messages to customers. People are far more likely to read a text than they are to stop and open an email and read it on their phone. Emails often do not get opened at all once the subject line has been read.

28% Response Rate to Promotions

A text marketing program is not one size fits all. When you text your customers and what you send them needs to be tailored to fit your products and services. The calls to action in text messages can vary quite a bit. You can send someone an exclusive offer that they can redeem in your store. You can send links to web pages where more information can be found or where recipients can go to buy your products online. The options are endless. If you are not text marketing now please contact us so we can put together a program that fits you. A recent study showed that 28% of people who received text promotions responded to offers.