Integrated Multi-Channel eCommerce

Up Your eCommerce Expectations

The time has come when having everything you’ve ever wanted from the technologies that you use to sell your products is a fair expectation to have. If you sell your products at point of sale locations and you have an online store, gone are the days when you should have separate technologies that aren’t integrated with each other. Better than integrating technologies, wouldn’t it be great if you used a single technology that you use to conduct retail sales at your bricks and mortar stores as well as online? What about selling on online marketplaces? Do you sell on Amazon or Ebay or a social network such as Facebook or Instagram? Selling in all of these places can seem like too much work, and can eat up limited financial and human capital to operate and market your business.

Proven Multi-Channel eCommerce Solution

At Truemark Media, we have a solution. Using one of the most powerful multi-channel eCommerce platforms available today, your business will be selling more products in more places than ever before. We set your business up on a technology platform that can be used to sell your products everywhere it makes sense to you for your business to do so. Online marketplaces, your web store, your point of sale checkouts, social media sites and messaging apps are all places that you can sell your products today. Although it doesn’t always make sense for every business to sell their products in all of these channels, the point is that you are able to do so much more efficiently when you can set up your products in a single store and then filter them to be sold in all of these channels. The platform immediately provides you with a mission control center from which everywhere you want to sell your products can be altered and added to ongoing. Built in to this technology is an extremely advanced reporting system that allows you to see robust performance data in real time so that adjustments can be made ongoing to further improve sales activity and customer service and marketing strategies.

Rich Customer Data = Rich YOU

Customer data is richer than any other time in our history because of the capabilities of the technologies that are available to run your business. When you leverage our multi-channel eCommerce platform it is intelligent enough to compare and analyze the data that a customer provides whether they buy online, in an online marketplace or in your store. When those customers provide their contact information the platform is able to locate their social media profiles for outbound marketing campaigns that can be targeted directly at them and their friends. Lookalike audiences that share the same demographics and interests can also be created for further targeting marketing campaigns. Not only does the platform integrate all of your commercial technologies into a single mission control, it also allows you to be more connected with and aware of your customers’ interests than ever before. When you are ready to be empowered by one of the most widely used and highly capable eCommerce platforms in the world, choose our team as your new partner.